Winnipeg Yard Sale – Winnipeg Garage Sale May 14th 2011

My Wife is Having a Yard Sale/Winnipeg Garage Sale Tomorrow May 14th 2011 from 8am -2pm. If you need girl’s clothes or know some one who does there will be lots.

There will be baby items, some boy’s clothes, toys and other stuff.

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121 Ralph Ave W Map to Winnipeg Yard Sale

Shaw HD PVR Dual Tuner Motorola DCT 6412 for Sale

The Shaw HD PVR has been SOLD, details below.

Motorola Dual Tuner hd pvr Motorola DCT 6412 6412 III for Shaw.

$300 OBO
Comes with Remote & Composite Cables. All in Excellent Condition

Get the most from your digital cable with the advanced dual-tuner digital video recorder (DVR) and high definition (HD) television set-top that decodes, records and plays in HD format. (You can record 2 channels at the same time)

The DCT6412 6412 III combines the extraordinary features of digital cable ? great programming options, interactive program guides, Video on Demand, and commercial-free, CD quality music ? with dual tuner digital video recording and the incredible picture quality and sound of high-definition television (HDTV).

The DVR features of the DCT6412 6412 III enable you to capture HDTV signals in a digital format. If the phone rings or you need to leave the room, you can simply pause the broadcast, and resume watching when it’s more convenient. An instant replay feature lets you quickly review what you just saw.

An integrated 160 GB hard drive lets you record up to an estimated 120 hours of standard digital TV or 25 hours of HDTV. You can maintain a personal library of your favourite programs to watch whenever it’s convenient.

Take home entertainment to a whole new level with the Motorola DCT6412! Decode HDTV signals, record digital and HD programming, and watch them on your schedule…all with one versatile set-top.

Click here to email me if your interested.
More ways to get our Shaw PVR
Shaw PVR


Used 2004 Chevrolet Corvette for Sale – Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

If your looking for a Used 2004 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible, this pre owned corvette is the car for you. I have posted the specs below the pictures. Enjoy

Here are the specs of the corvette for sale canada

Mileage: 71,000 kms Ext. Color: Medium Spiral Gray
Engine: 5.7L V8 SFI 350 HP Int. Color: Black Leather
Trans: Automatic Heads-Up Display
Dual Air Bags Cruise Control
Anti-Lock Brakes 6-way Power Seats
BOSE Audio & Amp System 12 CD Changer
Dual Zone Climate Control Remote Keyless Entry
Power Door Locks Power Windows
Tilt/Telescopic Steering Power Heated Mirrors
Halogen Fog Lights Power Antenna
4-Wheel Independent Suspension Electronic Traction Control
Active Handling Tire Pressure Monitoring System
EPA Mileage: 21 City / 29 Highway

Private Sale NO GST. Asking $37,900.

If your interested in the used corvette for sale – Call Dale at 999-5007.

Tell Dale, Jason sent ya.

Urgent Action Alert Concerning Bill C-268

Dear CFAC supporters and friends,

This Action Alert is necessary and urgent ! Call on April 20 or 21.

Bill C-268 is a federal Bill seeking increased penalty for human trafficking. Currently in Canada a number of women and children are slaves to sex traders. Many Canadians do not realize how many are enslaved by criminal elements using and abusing women and children for sex trade. To protect children, the criminal element needs to be removed from society.

“However Canada remains one of the few developed countries that does not have enhanced penalties for the trafficking of our children”, says Joy Smith MP from Manitoba who presented this private member legislation.

Wednesday, April 22, is an important day – this Bill will be given second reading vote. If it is successful, C-268 will proceed to the Justice Committee for review which is the process before third reading and possibly becoming law. Surprisingly there are some MPs who are opposing this Bill.

Canada Family Action is asking – will you make one phone call April 20 or 21st? Your MP needs to know you want children and women protected from the predator criminal elements.

You can reach YOUR MP by calling 1-866-599-4999 (Ottawa number) and ask to speak to your MP’s office ( know your postal code). If you know your MP’s number call them directly. Or you can find your MP here :

Ask them to support Bill C-268 – Human Trafficking on Wednesday, April 22.

The Canadian Coup Crisis – Governor General Say NO

Fellow Canadians,

The political turmoil, the threats of taking over the government and the potential for further social, economic and political destruction, is massive.

The fact that we would have threats of overthrowing the government in Canada is unimaginable. But it is real.  One would expect threat of a coup from developing dictator nations. But not in our 146 year old democracy.

Canadians must not allow the three leaders nor the Governor General to do this. Mr. Layton and the others have not even attempted to make parliament work as they were scheming the overthrow before the session started.

We will take whatever actions must be taken to stop the destruction of our system. Three parties, none of which elected more than 77 seats, want to rule. And to make this even more dangerous the balance of power is with professed separatists whose leader said during the election campaign just weeks ago that he “does not care about Canada”.

We need to express our decision – there will be NO coalition. We need to tell these leaders to stop their destruction of Canada. Yesterday our stock market which was perilously low anyway went down 864 points (record market destruction) due to the threats of these coup perpetrators. The instability is causing greater harm and loss of many people’s investments.

If the Governor General were to allow this coup it should be considered treason.



Please sign the letter below and forward it to your friends and to Mr. Layton, Mr. Dion, and Mr Duceppe so they know where we stand as Canadian Citizens. We want to make our voices heard in Ottawa for a change.

Change what you want but email this to these email address..

Please send each leader an email – express your dismay, disgust, and resolve to stop this action.

[email protected], [email protected][email protected], [email protected]  and the Governor General – [email protected]

Good Afternoon Sirs,

I’m sure that my ancestors who came to Canada for a better life are rolling over in their grave this moment for the stupidity that our political parties are perpetrating on the Canadian Citizens at this moment. An election was held and none of your parties were strong enough to defeat the Conservatives based on each of your leadership skills and party policies put in place. The majority of Canadians did not go to the polls because they did not believe in you as leaders or that they would be listened too. And once again you have proven them right.

I am (insert age here) years old (insert province here), who is not employed by the Oil industry. In this last election, I voted but not for who I thought would be a dynamic leader for Canada, but because I did not want to see certain Individuals or Parties representing me as a Canadian in the world scene.

A coalition government is not what Canadians want. Listen to the people. All of you have said that the opposition parties had lost confidence in the Harper Government, but not once was it said that the all the Canadian citizens have lost confidence. The majority of Canadians did not vote because they did not have confidence in any of you to lead the country. The majority who did vote, did not want any one of you to lead them. This is a dirty political play that is representative of many other unsettled countries of the world, not Canada. You did this in retaliation for an election you knew you couldn’t win, a possible loss of money for your parties, that instead would go to Canadian Citizens, and pettiness. You did not do this for Canadian Citizens. You are not listening to Canadian citizens. You have given power to an appointed position, the Governor General, not to the democratic process. You are showing very little respect to Canadians.

I am terrified of what is happening to my investments for the future because of your lack of concern regarding actions. The Toronto Stock Exchange on December 1st had the largest single day fall since that Black Day in 1987. This is due to the idea of a Coalition Government. Canadians are losing their jobs, fear losing their homes, and futures. You are wasting valuable, important time with this grandstanding action rather that working with Stephen Harpers government. You are damaging Canada in the worlds eyes, and at an already uncertain time, endangering more Canadian jobs and security.

Mr. Layton, I find you disrespectful of Westerners. I found you very abrasive in the debates, and in media sessions. I watched the English language debate, to make sure that I was an informed voter. You have no solid plan for the future for a greener Canada. Your promises regarding healthcare are farfetched, it has taken many years for Canada to get in this position caused by both the Liberal and Conservative Governments of the past 30 years. We are educating fewer Dr’s in Canada, healthcare workers are getting older and working longer hours; leaving for Greener pastures in other Countries. Other Countries are also crying out for Drs. How do you feel that you can solve this issue as a Prime Minister in a quick, safe, fast way? Impossible. As for hiring foreign Drs, if they were available, I have an example as to why this is scary to some Canadians. My dad broke his back last December, was seen by a Dr from South Africa, who was more concerned about whether my dad could understand him, then diagnosing the issue. My dad was sent home from the hospital after being there overnight and did not know for 2 1/2 days that he had actually broken his back. How scary is this? And you think that this is what Canadians desire for Dr’s ? I don’t think so. On the other hand, my personal Dr. is from another a country, has been here many years and has treated me very well. He is getting older and has more demands upon his practice yearly.

Mr. Dion, I respected you as a person during the election, as being above much of the mudslinging. I felt that you were a scape goat for your party, the Liberals, after the debacle that Mr. Chretien and Mr. Martin gave us when they were in Power. However I did not feel that you were the right representative for Canada on the World Scene. I did not feel you had a strong enough personality. I disagreed with many of your Liberal party members and I didn’t feel that you related enough to me as an Albertan. Your carbon tax idea scared me. I believe that Canada needs to become more Green, smarter world wise but I don’t feel that you could have steered us in this direction. I believe that you are a learned man, smart and a good MP for your area but not for all of Canada. For this I could not vote you in. Plus to have another do nothing Liberal Government after the past one would be awful for Canada in this scary time globally. Another issue that I feel you need to address is, when I phoned your office this morning to leave a message for you regarding my concerns, I was treated very rudely by a staff member, who hung up on me 3 times, because she felt stressed out by what she was hearing today from other citizens and by what I had to say. I told her I was stressed out by what I was reading in the newspaper, watching on the News, and your parties were saying. How is this any different and why am I not as important?

Mr. Duceppe, being from Manitoba, I can’t vote for your party. For many years I have watched you in the political debates and arena, and have respected many of your ideas. I personally think if Quebec leaves, go but take your part of the debt with you. No money should come from Canada to Quebec, no special treatment, trade agreements, sponsorship money, equalization payments etc. Same as for any province who decides to leave. I respected what you said during the Debate about encouraging Canadians to buy Canadian Products, improving manufacturing, and making Canada more self-sufficient. However, you party by policy represents only a small portion of Canadian Citizens.

I voted for Stephen Harper because his party was more in line with what I believe and because I see him as a lesser threat. Not the best Prime Minister Canada ever had, not the worse either. Chretien and Mulroney were definitely worse than this man is.

I would like all of you to call, write, respond in some way to my concerns. As a member of Parliament, you have that responsibility and must answer any questions put to you by a Citizen. I expect these answers shortly. I have left messages and am forwarding this to the media outlets around Canada and to my friends, asking them to sign this coalition and forward it to their friends and all of you. Hopefully, for a change, you will listen. Stop the nonsense and stupidity and listen to Canadian Citizens for a change.


Name Here.

House for Rent by Owner – Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

Winnipeg Rental HouseThanks to all who were interested – HOUSE has been RENTED. Contact me if you want to post your house on this page to rent it out. I get hundreds of visitors a day to this site, I can help you rent your winnipeg houese.

A beautiful home for rent by owner in Winnipeg Manitoba.

The house is located in the quiet residential area of Windsor Park. The house is newly remodeled both the main floor and basement. Upstairs is 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. In the basement in 1 bedroom and one bathroom.

Beautiful must see.

Call now because this won’t last long!

More Pictures

Winnipeg Home For Rent Newly Remodeled House
House For Rent Home for Rent
Home for Rent by Owner Winnipeg Rental House

Please ignore the mess in the backyard. That will be cleaned up by the time you move in.

See all the details below

Bedrooms 4
Bathrooms 2
Square Footage 1050
Pet Policies: None
Smoking Policy: Non

Winnipeg Manitoba  Windsor Park
Address: 58 Conifer Cress
Map to House

Beautiful newly remodeled home!

House features:
Newly renovated features a complete make-over
Hardwood floors
Fresh paint
New triple pane windows
5 appliances
Central air
New high efficiency furnace
New hot water tank.
Newly finished carpeted basement with a bedroom, and a three piece bath.
Large fenced backyard
Side drive.
Low utilities
New landscaping

Community Features: Walking distance to shopping centre, medical clinics, restaurants, schools – all ages, library, churches, golf course, swimming pool & parks.

Close bus access.

Quiet residential area

Contact info: Bill and Janine Frovich

Phone: 204-275-2750
E-mail: [email protected]
Lease terms: Negotiable
Availability : September 8th 2008
Rent Range $1400 + utilizes
Damage Deposit : $700
Office hours: 8am – 9pm

Thank You

Home for Rent by Owner

House for Rent by Owner

Happy New Year to All

Happy New Year 2008. I wish (and I am sure)
2008 will be the BEST year of your life. You’ll
get everything you want in your life.

May God make you the HAPPIEST person on
this planet in 2008.

And thank you for your support and loyalty in

Jason Frovich

Merry Christmas

I wanted to wish you and your
family a very Merry Christmas and Wishes for the best
New Year of your life!

(if you don’t celebrate Christmas, please substitute your
personal religious celebration or festival)

Thanks again Jason,

Jason & Kristy Frovich

Whiten Your Teeth With Strawberries

Tooth whitening is the leading dental procedure requested by people under the age of 20 and between the ages of 30 and 50. In the last 10 years alone, this procedure has exploded by 300 percent, according to The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

Perhaps one reason for the explosion has to do with the vast numbers of people having their teeth whitened, which then sets a new standard for how “normal” teeth are supposed to look. Even if your teeth are a healthy shade, they may look yellow when compared to the pearly whites of celebrities and, now, the average person walking down the street.

The problem with most current tooth-whitening products, both over-the-counter versions and those performed in your dentist’s office, is that they use hydrogen peroxide to whiten your teeth.

This is not your best choice because peroxide can cause your teeth to become sensitive. Additionally, hydrogen peroxide forms radical intermediates that can damage and destroy your gums and nerves.

What causes your teeth to become discolored in the first place? Tooth discoloration is caused by colored molecules such as tannins and polyphenols — found in red wine, coffee, and tea — which become absorbed by your tooth enamel’s surface.

Cigarettes, blueberries, and other foods that contain dark pigments can also discolor your tooth enamel, as can certain medications. Some of the staining can be removed by brushing, but over time the compounds can seep into your enamel.

If you’re looking for a safer alternative to brighten your teeth, you can try this simple trick:

  • Crush one ripe strawberry and mix it with 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda.
  • Spread the mixture onto your teeth and leave on for five minutes.
  • Brush your teeth with a little toothpaste (non-fluoride, of course) and rinse.

This natural mixture works because of the malic acid it contains, which acts as an astringent to remove some of the surface discoloration on your teeth. Though this method is perfectly safe to use on occasion, don’t use it too often (no more than once a week) because the acid could potentially damage your tooth enamel.

Dumb Little Man

I once again thank Dr. Joseph Mercola and his amazing website for this and more natural health gems.

See Dr. Joseph Mercola Website and more artices here

If you care about you and your family’s health, his newsletter and articles are a must. A simple example of how his website helped my family. My son is very healthy, but had a bad ear infection, we refused to give him antibiotics as most antibiotics are abused and over prescribed my medical doctors, we used homeopathic medicine and that was working well, but not totally getting rid of the infection.

So I search Dr. Mercola’s website and found several articles about ear infections. I was amazed at what was suggested breast milk in his ear. So we tried it, we put a few drops in his ear 3-4 times before his bed time, and when he woke up the next morning, his ear infection was gone. No pain when we touched this ear nothing, my wife and i were amazed.

Thank You Dr. Joseph Mercola.

Springs Church Calgary is Today!

I will post more information on how the service went when i get it, I hoping information will be on facebook or via telephone. I will post here again as soon as i have pics or video.

So Springs Church Calgary on its very first service had 385 – 405 people attend, 45 children in children church, and the best news of all 11 people gave there lives to Christ..

And it will only get better.

September 16th marks the beginning of a new era for Springs Church! Our much-anticipated first service in Calgary will be held 6 p.m. that Sunday evening in an exciting new venue, the University of Calgary. Like its sister church in Winnipeg, Springs Calgary will be a place for anyone who wants to hear the powerful word of God in a vibrant atmosphere and learn the tools to rise to a greater destiny. It will also be a place to build exciting new friendships, hear live music infused with energy and passion, and get involved in expanding God’s kingdom.

The University of Calgary has turned out to be an amazing venue for us. The MacEwan Hall at the U of C has the seating capacity for up to 1,000 people, is wired for sound and lighting to an extent that exceeds our production requirements and has meeting rooms down the hall that are ideal for children’s classrooms.

Further, the LRT (Light Rail Transit ) and other buses go right to the campus, making it convenient for people to join us. It truly is amazing to see God in action! Every Sunday MacEwan Hall @ 6:00 pm University of Calgary, 2500 University Dr. NW Calgary see maps for details MacEwan Hall University of Calgary, 2500 University Dr. NW Calgary Download City Map (PDF) Download Campus Map (PDF)

20 Somethings Posted Oct 15, 2007 If you’re 20-something we’d love for you to join us!! It’s time to lace up those roller skates and come dance the night away on Fri, Oct 19th, 7:30pm at Lloyds!Â

We don’t want you to miss it…bring a friend and we’ll see you there! Cost: $8 admission, $2.50 skate/blade rental Fri, Oct 19 @ 7:30pm Lloyds Recreation Ltd 7520 MacLeod Trail SE

For more info CONTACT US / REGISTER >

Youth Posted Oct 15, 2007 It’s time to lace up those roller skates and come dance the night away on Fri, Oct 19th, 7:30pm at Lloyds!  We don’t want you to miss it…bring a friend and we’ll see you there! Cost: $8 admission, $2.50 skate/blade rental Fri, Oct 19 @ 7:30pm Lloyds Recreation Ltd 7520 MacLeod Trail SE

For more info CONTACT US / REGISTER >

Young Marrieds Posted Oct 15, 2007 We’d love for you to join us on Thurs, Oct 18th at 7pm for a night of games, coffee, and lots of fun! Feel free to bring your friends. Please call 403-455-1032 for location and directions. Thurs, Oct 18th @ 7pm Call for directions For more info CONTACT US / REGISTER >

Young Mums with Babes (age 2 & under) Posted Oct 15, 2007 Hey all ‘moms with little bums’, join us at Southcentre Mall on Tues, Oct 16th for lunch at 11am! Feel free to bring a friend…we’ll meet at the kids play area! Tues, Oct 16 @ 11am Southcentre Mall 100 Anderson Road SE For more info CONTACT US / REGISTER >