Get Paid to Submit Articles instantly

Are you serious? Yep totally serious. What if I said you get paid to submit articles. Plus gain an amazing amount of backlinks in Just One Click? and Its Totally FREE. (we even teach you how to, what to draft articles about) After 15 months, my team and I are incredibly proud to release the internet community our Article Sense Network !

The absolute best thing about this network is its a totally Win Win for everyone involved. Its as simple as this. You register for free Update your Account info with your Adsense Information to generate income and your PayPal email address to receive your affiliate income.

Then update the social bookmarking sites in your account so you gain backlinks from these social bookmarking sites every time you submit an article Then the magic begins. Upon submitting your article, select one of the 272 laser targeted Categories supplied, we used the exact same 272 Categories as the new Adsense CPA offers and now display on every article page Adsense CPA offers, which can pay a LOT more, plus Adsense for content ads within your article.

Noting in our system you can also add video content from Youtube Or Video.Google to help with your advertising conversions. Once you click on the Submit button The magic really starts to happen. This has never been done before, it takes a bit to grasp the huge benefits from this point onwards. You Click the Submit button to add your article to (plus the social bookmarking sites automatically) As well as submitting your article to this main site. The First 500 Characters of your article are posted to an incredible 33% of the sites in the “Entire” Article Sense Network of Article Directories (currently 90 sites and growing rapidly). Additionally. A link using the title of your article as anchor text is used to link back to your original article on

How Cool is that? an incredible amount of links promoting your article Instantly!! More. In addition to the great back inking to your article, your original articles Authors box is also distributed to 33% of the network. This means any links you have entered into your authors box in your article submission is also distributed to 33% of the network providing incredible backlinks to whatever site you are promoting. More. Your Adsense Id is also sent along with the first 500 characters of your article and links in your authors box, dramatically increasing your ability to earn a great income from Adsense More. Your Video content is also sent along with the above.

Does it get any cooler than this? Well YES it does. What If I said. If you refer a person to this system via your referral link YOUR Adsense is displayed on this persons Articles 10% of the time!! How many of your friends do you think can benefit from the above totally F R E E system?

So when your friends submit articles YOU make money, This is True Leveraging of your time. Say you spend 3 hours telling your friends about this new system that provides your friends with incredible value for nothing. This 3 hours then turns into streams of income even if you went on holidays, your friends will continue to submit articles which your AdSense ID is displayed on? My Forum even teaches you how to find referrals :)

A Question. Why would you submit your valuable article content to Other Big article directories when “They” earn all the advertising bucks in return for just 2 little links? and allows your no leverage of your time? This new system has turned Article Marketing on its Head Big Time. With this system everyone now has the ability to earn the big marketing bucks instead of the top 5 article directories on the web capturing the majority of it. Remember I said its a WIN WIN for everyone involved?

What if I said you can own your own piece of this network? The Beauty of this system is that anyone can now own their own piece of this Article Sense Network Yes you can own your own site, and have our script installed on your own domain, thus increasing the size of the Article Sense Network providing more value for every member in our community. At the same time generating your own advertising dollars by having your Own Viral Article Directory. There is a special offer on the forum now. On top of this The forum has the 10 Steps to Success over 40k instructions on how to be a successful Marketer from complete newbies through to experienced article Marketers Register now for free at Community Forum Video Tutorials

To your Online Success

Jason Frovich

PS Get in quick with the offer on the forum to own your own piece of this network before the price goes up. As you can imagine this is an incredibly powerful system and I only want people who will do each of the sites in this network justice, thus the price will reflect this as it grows so get in now.




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